It's time to review another Restaurant

It's time to review another Restaurant

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dreams Puerto Adventura All Inclusive Resort Review
On my wife Cristina's  birthday on May 11 2016, we decided to try a all inclusive resort that we noticed had very good feedback from Trip advisor. So, I sent a email to the Hotel to let them know it was my wife Cristy's Birthday, and right away I received a email from Isabel Torres (Concierge & Social Media Coordinator) and she said it would be a pleasure to have you celebrate your wife's Birthday at Dreams.

So, on my wife's Birthday we drove the 3 hours from Merida to Puerto Adventura, we arrived at the resort, and were greeted by Ron, one of the most friendliest Bellman's have ever had the privilege to meet, he parked our car while we checked in, then Ron showed us to our room, there was a Happy Birthday Banner on the door, and the room was nice and cool since they had put the Air-conditioning on  before we arrived, nice touch.

The room was beautiful, and decorated with balloons and on the beautiful bed, they wrote with crystal sand Happy Birthday Cristina!
What a surprise, they also had a tray with Chocolate Strawberries, and Chocolates waiting for us, there is a mini bar for you to use, and it's all with the all inclusive package.

And they have a Bathrobe and slippers for you to use, the slippers you get to keep.

Our room looked over the Adult pool and the canal where the Dolphins swim, and you do see them swimming.
We were very tired from the long ride to the Hotel, so we decided to take a shower, I have to tell you about the shower, it is to die for, with a large shower head, with high pressure water, and Very Hot water to relax your muscles.

We decided to try one of the many restaurants to have dinner, so we tried the Oceana Fresh Grilled Seafood, you sit outside under the stars by the water, it was very romantic. Our waiters were fantastic, we had two, Luis and Otilio, they treat you like a King and Queen.
We started off with the Manhattan Clam Chowder and I had the Creamy New England Clam Chowder, the soups are very good, but the served them in a Brandy Snifter, making it hard to eat and it got cold fast. We then had the Louisiana Fish Cakes, the fish cakes were very good, my wife got the cold salad, that she loved.
I ordered the Beef & Pork Fillet With mushrooms and mashed potatoes, with a Chipotle sauce, and my wife Cristy had the Seafood Grill Fish filled & Whole Shrimps in olive crust, spinach, pepper sauce.
My meal was delicious, the steak was very tender, and my wife's Seafood Grill, was very good, but she didn't like that the shrimps had the shells still on them, they were very hard to remove.
Then they bring Cristy a Birthday Desert with Birthday candles, this was very nice of Dreams, we had some chocolate desserts, and hot coffee, in all I was very impressed, for a All Inclusive resort, we were very happy with our first dinner.
Oceana Menu:

We then went to take a fantastic night's sleep on one of the most comfortable beds I have ever had the privilege to sleep in,dear God it was so comfortable, the room was nice and cool, we had our chocolates that they had left in the room before.
In the morning we ordered room service, and of course it is part of the all inclusive, they told us that our breakfast will arrive in 30 minutes, now in most places that have room service, we end up waiting forever, but our breakfast arrived in 29 minutes, with a very friendly room service staff, We had fruit and my wife ordered Chilaquiles  (Tortilla chips are smothered in green or red salsa and topped with pulled chicken pieces or eggs, some onions, cream and sometimes cheese. Typically beans are served on the side.), And I had fried eggs with potato patties and bacon, but the home fries were cold and the fried eggs over cooked, the bacon was very good.

For Lunch we eat at the World Cafe, the atmosphere is perfect for a buffet, the restaurant is spotless, and so are the counters with the food, and the food was delicious, I especially enjoyed the fried chicken, and the fresh cold salads, the hot dishes were nice and HOT, 
not like some buffets that you're lucky if it's warm.
AND CLEAN CLEAN ,the Buffet is spotless.
Many types of Bread too.
After a Sun soaked day of swimming in the pool, and the salt water natural pool. 

Then we headed off to eat at Dreams Mexican Restaurant called El Patio, I had the 3 meats in a in a Molcajete (Mexican version of the mortar and pestle) my meat was delicious and hot, and my wife had the Chicken Mole, my wife who is Mexican , said it was good and tasty, but she has had better. The atmosphere and El Patio, is very Mexican, and with many open windows to get a cool ocean breeze, and is the only Dreams Restaurant that faces the ocean, the restaurant is dark, and they told us that they are upgrading to brighter lights.
3 meats in a in a Molcajete
Chicken Mole
I had my photo taken with the Resorts Sous Chef Chef Javier Calderon, he really  keeps things running.

After a Beautiful night's sleep, in one of the best beds we have ever slept in, we headed off to Breakfast  at the World Cafe , but since the beds are so comfortable, we slept in late, and they were now serving lunch.
The Buffet had many tasty, items to chose from, they keep it hot and stocked!!

Unlimited Top-Shelf Spirits

Enjoy international and domestic top-shelf spirits, fine wines and ice-cold beer at any of our four bars and lounges. Then keep the party going with 24-hour room service and your own complimentary mini-bar. All of your favorite drinks are served without limit or expected gratuities at Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa.

 Executive Chef Jorge Ku, with my wife Cristy,

For dinner we eat Italian at Portofino Italian Cuisine, Here is the menu:

We started off with the and the Capresse Salad with Organic tomatoes and Buffalo Mozzarella cheese.
My wife loved the Minestrone soup so much she had two bowls and asked for it another night, at another one of the resorts restaurants, and they went and got it for her, what customer service!
This was the restaurant that I had one of the best Rib Eye steaks in any resort that I have been too, it was out of this world, and tender, 

I also had the Chicken Rollatinis

My wife had the Fillet Migñon, but she was not happy with hers, she said it was tough and Chewy, with no flavor, but the Chicken Rollatinis were very good and moist, served with a roasted bell pepper napolitana sauce, and mashed potatoes.

Happy wife, makes me happy.
The next day we had lunch again at the World cafe, and has their Buffet, here is when we met the General Manager Miguel Angel Elias, and his lovely wife, what friendly people, I told him that other resorts should learn from them how to do an All Inclusive right,  because Dreams is an outstanding All Inclusive Resort.
And if you get hungry when you are swimming, you can always get a Wood Baked Pizza or a Hamburger and Hot Dogs at the Bearfoot Grill, I had the Pizza, and it was very thin, cheesy and very good.
Our Last night we decide to eat at Gohan Sushi Lounge there is no menu that I have the link to. Gohan is a very cozy lounge, with a beautiful view of the main pool, we ordered their sweet ribs, and Egg Rolls, and my wife had a Asian Salad.
Ribs and Egg Rolls
My Wife's Asian Salad

The Ribs were delicious, they melted in our mouths, the egg rolls, were fresh, crispy and hot and very good, but the Sushi was not so good, the rice was so over cooked that it was like paste, they served it in a out dated Boat Tray.
The Sushi in a Silly out dated Boat Tray
We will repeat this restaurant when we go back, just for the Ribs and Egg Rolls,and we will go back.

I left hungry, so we headed over to the Sea Side Grill, my wife had a desert, and since I am a steak guy, I had another Ribeye steak, and that too was out of this world.
If you go out dancing at Dreams Disco, and you get hungry, you can stop over to Coco Cafe Premium Coffee and Deli Snacks , I had the coffee, and many of their cakes, what a nice added place to have.
They Stay open late:
Café: 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Late night bites: 11 p.m. - 6 a.m.


We want to come back!!

For a All Inclusive Resort, for the price , the location, the friendly staff, and the outstanding food,

I give Dreams Puerto Adventura  my Highest Rating of 5 Chef hats out of 5
Dreams Staff is the best we have ever met.

Thank you Sous Chef Javier Calderon, Executive Chef Jorge Ku, Isabel Torres, Ingrid Zepeda , Bellmen Ron, , General Manage Miguel Angel Elias, Food and Beverage Manager Cesa Cortes and our waiters Luis & Otilio from Oceana Fresh Grilled Seafood